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Sept 11–13


Badger Kart Club Dousman, WI
Aug 05


posted by Mark Coats on 05 Aug 2015

Pit Parking for the New Castle Motorsports Park Event will be handled by the track. Even if you are a sponsor, you have to contact the track for parking. The track number is 765-987-8090. If you are attending both the Route 66 Sprint Series Event and the USPKS Event, you can make arrangements to leave your trailer with the track.
You still can register online and save the track registration fee.

Jul 29


posted by Mark Coats on 29 Jul 2015

We as a series are always trying to do what is best for the sport of karting. When we released our 2016 schedule on July 7, 2015, we were unaware that another series had already secured a date in July.
I was attempting to spread our dates out, so its not such a financial burden on our racers and our shops. Scheduling dates on top of each other and around each other are not good for anyone. Everyone looses when series do not cooperate. The tracks, shops, engine builders, racers & yes the series looses. This is why I am redoing our schedule, its for the betterment of out sport. Hopefully the other series will follow.

The revised 2016 ROUTE 66 SPRINT SERIES schedule is as follows:
April 22-24, 2016 - TBA
May 20-22, 2016 - MRP - North Liberty, Indiana
June 10-12, 2016 - US Air Raceway - Shawano, Wisconsin
August 19-21,2016 - Badger Kart Club - Dousman, Wisconsin
September 23-25, 2016 - Mid-State Kart Club - Springfield, Illinois **

Note: If the Robo Pong Date Falls on this date, we will move this date. The date cannot be finalized until the Indy Car Series releases it's schedule.
The tracks are determined off of our surveys.
Thank you for your understanding & cooperation.

Jul 21


posted by Mark Coats on 21 Jul 2015

I would like to personally thank all of our racers, their families, the entire Route 66 Sprint Series Staff along with the entire MRP Staff headed up by Mr. Garry Lobaugh for making this past weekend another enjoyable weekend.
As a series promoter I realize that you have choices of what events that you attend and I appreciate you racing with the Route 66 Sprint Series.
Our 2016 schedule and class structure is released and hopefully other series work around all the schedules, so racers and shops are not forced to make a choice. This is hard on the shops, engine builders, track owners, racers and the series.
Thank you to Garry and the MRP staff for the wonderful food that was served at the cookout. Unfortunately the weather did not cooperate with our plans.
The next Route 66 Sprint Series is at the New Castle Motorsports Park on August 14-16, 2015. Registration is now available on line and pit spots can be made with the track. Make plans now to attend our next event.
For everyone that does enter on line, one name per family will go into a drawing for a Weber 26" Kettle charcoal grill, provided by Marx Fireplaces & Lighting, Inc.

Jul 07

2016 Schedule & Class Structure

posted by Mark Coats on 07 Jul 2015

We are pleased to announce the 2016 Route 66 Sprint Series Class Structure & Schedule. The only track that has been finalized is Shawano Wisconsin. The rest of the tracks will be finalized once the surveys are returned by our racers. We are saddened to announce the end of an era by eliminating the KPP Engine Classes. The Komet Cadet Class will be replaced by the Vortex Mini-Rok in 2016.

2016 Route 66 Sprint Series Schedule
April 2224, 2016 - TBA
May 2022, 2016 - MRP - North Liberty, Indiana
June 10-12, 2015 - US Air Raceway - Shawano, Wisconsin
August 19-21, 2016 - Badger Kart Club - Dousman, Wisconsin
September 2325, 2016 - Mid-State Kart Club - Springfield, Illinois

2016 Route 66 Sprint Series Class Structure
Kid Kart
Yamaha 100 Rookie
Yamaha 100 Cadet
Yamaha 100 Junior
Yamaha 100 Senior
Micro ROK
Mini ROK
Leopard 125 Junior
Leopard 125 Senior

As a series, we feel it is important to listen to our customers and to work closely with our shops & sponsors to bring the best package to our racers.

As a cost savings move for our racers, we will have a practice ban the week of all Route 66 Sprint Series Events, just like we have in the USPKS. There will be no practice Monday through Thursday the week of the event. THIS STARTS IN 2016. It does not effect the 2015 schedule.

Jun 25


posted by Mark Coats on 25 Jun 2015

The rough driving and the lack of respect by the racers appear to be an epidemic in all
forms of karting.
The big question is how do we stop it?
In my opinion there are several factors contributing to the problem.
To me the parents, tuners & driving coaches need to stop telling their drivers to get to the
front regardless what it takes. This is dangerous and as we saw this past weekend. There
were 5 red flags and that is 5 to many. There were 4 alone in the sportsman classes!!
As a series we want to let you race, but apparently the drivers feel that they have a 75%
chance of getting away with aggressive driving and just running over the kart in front of
them. Ladies & Gentlemen this type of racing HAS TO STOP & I MEAN NOW. Thank God
that Luca & Preston were not seriously hurt.
As a series it is my "Team’s" responsibility to provide a fair & safe racing environment. We
do not drive the go-karts & we do not coach the drivers. We want you to have a fun
experience with both of our series.
As far as the fairness goes, we are doing more tech than all of the other karting series in the
USA. We have stepped our game up with more qualified tech officials & have invested in
more equipment for teching tires, engines and fuel. If you have not noticed, we have
streamlined our registration system as well.
The next issue is safety. None of my officials take this lightly; it's our number one concern.
Starting at the next event at MRP, we will be implementing a video system recording all of
the starts. We will have more of our "TEAM’S EYES" watching the races. If you take
someone out on the start, guess what, you will finish behind them. All penalties will be made
public. This will be done by a ticket at the scales and announced over the PA. Hopefully we
do not need a penalty box like they have in hockey. I personally will watch every race along
with the RD and series director Rick Fulks.
There is no excuse for people having their karts totaled on the race track. NONE!
Our "TEAM" will be meeting before the next events and will have the new penalty
procedures in writing for everyone. We do take this seriously. We will get this under control.
If we have to send drivers home, so be it.
I hope that the drivers, parents, coaches, team owners & kart shops talk this over and
realize that I will put a stop to this. There are a lot of guys who race clean and we are not
pointing fingers at you.
For 2016 the "PRO CLASS" will be by invitation only and or a licensing system. If you want
to run the new "DVS" Pro class in 2016 and want to get your license, I suggest you start
driving like a Pro.
Please share this with everyone you race with.
Mark Coats
CEO Route 66 Sprint Series, Inc.

May 10

AMB Transponders

posted by Mark Coats on 10 May 2015

Just a reminder that we only have a limited number of transponders to rent, 24 to be exact. The track at Shawano does not have any to rent.
Starting at Shawano we will have new AMB Transponders for sale with the bracket and charger for $350.00. To guarantee that you get one, we are putting them on our registration program. You can purchase them on line and we will have them at Shawano for you.
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Apr 16


posted by Mark Coats on 16 Apr 2015

If you have registration questions about the USPKS, please contact the following:
Registration - Alli Long - Alli Long (alli.66.long@gmail.com)
Technical - Rick Jump - jumpracing@yahoo.com
General Questions - Rick Fulks - rfrf1@comcast.net
General Questions - Mark Coats - mcoats.uspks@gmail.com
If you emailed any older email addresses and were ignored, we apologize.

Mar 31


posted by Mark Coats on 31 Mar 2015

Just a reminder that there were several changes to the rulebook that was posted earlier. We have clarified several rules and pictures that were in question. We have also adjusted several weights. For example both Rookie Classes & both Sportsman Classes now weight the same. It's the competitors responsibility to know the rules.
Rulebooks will be printed and available at our first Event at Mid-State Kart Club. You can download the Rulebook under downloads.
The entry list for the events is also available under downloads and was revised this morning.

Mar 02


posted by Mark Coats on 02 Mar 2015

The Competition Age of a driver is determined by the driver's actual age at the start of the calendar year (Jan 1st). Any driver meeting the minimum age requirement to move up to the next level by the end of the calendar year, is eligible to do so anytime during the year. However, once they compete at the higher level, they may not move back to the lower level. EXAMPLE: If a driver is 15 on Jan 1st but will be 16 in July, he/she may stay in Junior or move up to Senior Pro (USPKS). Falsification of age will lead to disqualification or suspension.
* USPKS has the right to refuse a driver progressing to the next level if they feel it’s for the best interest of the driver.

Oct 10


posted by Mark Coats on 10 Oct 2014

The last two seasons has seen the United States Pro Kart Series become the top summer series in the eastern half of the country. Welcoming drivers from all over the country, continuing its focus on more track time and more fun, the 2014 season was a huge success for the series. Planning continues for 2015, as the schedule for the third season is confirmed, setting up another four-event championship at some of the top circuits in the country.

“This past season was a big success, with the numbers growing compared to our inaugural season in 2013,” commented USPKS series owner Mark Coats. “We welcomed a number of new racers to the series, and crowned eight class champions for 2014 at the New Castle event. Next year is going to be another big step, as we want to make attending a United States Pro Kart Series an experience that the entire family can enjoy. Helping to make that a success is selecting four outstanding race tracks for 2015.”

The third season will begin as the previous two did, hosting the opening rounds of 2015 at the GoPro Motorplex. The North Carolina facility hosted its first national event in 2013, welcoming the inaugural USPKS event. A duplicate of the Kartdromo Parma in Italy, the 7/10-mile course provides a challenge at every turn. The new circuit to the USPKS program is another demanding course, the US AIR Motorsports Park. Formerly known as the ‘USA International Raceway’, the northern Wisconsin facility opened in 2004 and hosted a number of major karting events over the past decade. The 1.1-mile course is a roller coaster for karts, with multiple elevation changes.

The final two events of the season will keep the series in the state of Indiana. Stop three is a return to the Michiana Raceway Park. Located just outside the South Bend area, it is the second straight year the tough 7/10-mile course is part of the USPKS program. The New Castle Motorsports Park is scheduled to host the series finale for a second straight year. At 1-mile long, the course puts the drivers to the test, and allows the engines to stretch their legs with the two long straights.

2015 United States Pro Kart Series Schedule
April 24-26: GoPro Motorplex - Mooresville, North Carolina
June 19-21: US AIR Motorsports Park - Shawano, Wisconsin
July 31-August 2: Michiana Raceway Park - North Liberty, Indiana
August 21-23: New Castle Motorsports Park - New Castle, Indiana

The Route 66 Sprint Series, the leading Midwest regional program, is also promoted by Mark Coats and welcomed a historic 2014 season. Record numbers throughout the year was seen in all categories, as the program will host a similar schedule for 2015. A five event, 10-round series is scheduled for the upcoming year, visiting five of the top facilities in the area.

2015 Route 66 Sprint Series
April 10-12: Mid-State Raceway - Springfield, Illinois
June 12-14: US AIR Motorsports Park - Shawano, Wisconsin
July 17-19: Michiana Raceway Park - North Liberty, Indiana
August 14-16: New Castle Motorsports Park - New Castle, Indiana
September 11-13: Briggs & Stratton Raceway Park - Dousman, Wisconsin