As you all know, pre-registration for the August 28-29 race at Kart Circuit Autobahn has been in full swing for a week or so. which means that we are down to just a couple weeks left to pre-register. Online entry closes at midnight CT on Saturday, August 21st. If you forget to enter before then, or aren’t sure if you can make it, trackside entry will be available Friday afternoon and Saturday morning for an additional $50. Register Now

Big changes have taken place at KCA since we last visited the facility in 2017, including new track surfaces, pit upgrades, full lighting, and a new pro shop.  This facility has really be upgraded to a whole new level, and is managed by Alan Bertagnoli, a guy who knows a thing or two about what makes a good event.

The event timeline for this event is in the works, but it will be very similar to our past events, with an emphasis on maximum track time, and minimum standing around for you.  There is the normal unofficial Friday practice session, for those that choose. (You will buy that right at the track when you arrive.)  Everyone entering the grounds needs a pit pass, purchased at the main gate, but new for this event (and going forward), under 5 still needs a wristband, but its now free.  Those wishing to reserve parking/pit area can do so by contacting KCA Track Manager Alan Bertagnoli at (630) 740-3249 or There are no hookups for RVs, and they will be limited to RV parking area, which is not in the immediate karting paddock. Pit spaces are $50 each. There are no staking of canopies into the asphalt allowed. If pitted on asphalt, you must use weights and not stakes to hold down tents and canopies.

Some have asked about hotel accommodations for this event, and Route 66 has secured a room black at the Holiday Inn & Suite in Joliet located at 1471 Rock Creek Blvd in Joliet, IL. $139 for 2 doubles & $155 for kings. Due to the quick turnaround, individual reservations need to be made – no later than 8/10/21.

Route 66 now has a limited supply of brand new AMB TR2 GO transponders for sale. These are the newest ones that DO NOT REQUIRE A SUBSCRIPTION. They are being sold for the same price as AMB sells them for ($409), except that AMB is out of stock right now. As always, if you don’t have a transponder, or want to buy one, we have rentals available as well. You can buy or rent at the Series trailer, at the track. If know you want to buy one now, email Tim at and we will make sure to charge one up for you to pickup at the track.

Here are a few photos of the track that show the latest addition, as well as the skid pad area where an additional temp track section will be incorporated for our event.