Great Tracks, Great Racing, Great People, Come Join the Fun!  This is the Route 66 Sprint Series slogan & we try to make this happen at all of our events.  To me the definition of a successful event is that the EMT’s  don’t have anything to do & there are no ambulance runs.  Good clean safe racing, that’s what its all about.  That’s why we were the first series in the USA to put in the “Push-Back Bumper System”.  Like it or not, it is here to stay.  It has done its job. The first two Route 66 Events had no one taken out on the starts.  To me that is simply amazing.  The drivers could not do it on their own, our officials could not issue enough penilities to stop it, other series camera systems could not stop it, but a pair of brackets that bolt on your bumper just made racing safe again.  Now we all have to adapt to it and get use to it, this includes the drivers & the officials.   We have Great Tracks, We have Great Racing &  We have Great People & 90% of our Racers our having Fun.  I know that the “Push-Back Bumper System” is working, because all of the shops that I ask told me that crash parts sales are way down.                                                

I remember the opening event for the USPKS at Mooresville.  The owners from MG Tires & IAME told us that it’s a good thing for Karting in the US. They told us when it was started in Europe, people criticized series for using it & they even left one series to race another that had not implemented it, but in the long run, they will be back.  They also said once everyone adapted too the “Push-Back Bumper System”, that it improved racing & it improved the drivers.  That it just takes time.

Route 66 also has the Largest YAMAHA Classes of any Series in Karting!  We are committed to the YAMAHA Engine & will not make any changes in the Cadet, Junior or Senior Classes as long as the racers keep supporting these classes.  The racing in these classes are amazing.