Recently, the Route 66 Sprint Series has worked with Briggs & Stratton to gain approval for the introduction of a supplemental Tech seal to be used on the Briggs 206 engine.  This seal in intended to replace the paint that has been traditionally used for daily tech sealing.  The paint is easily defeated and can open the door for illegal engine modifications during the race day.  In order to hold up the Series mission of fair competition, cable type engine seals have been used very successfully on the 2 cycle engines for years, and we are now able to bring that technology to the Briggs 206 package.

Beginning with the upcoming event at Road America, and from that point forward, all Briggs 206 engines will be required to employ a new cable seal for each weekend (provided by Route 66).  The sealing locations are through the exhaust header bolt, a carb mounting bolt, and a valve cover bolt.  Specific sealing locations as well as photos are provided in the recent tech update on the series website.  Competitors will be provided a free bolt kit at their first race, with extra kits being offered for a nominal cost.  These bolt kits are approved by Briggs & Stratton for use in all events/series utilizing their published ruleset, so they need not be removed if competing at another series.  Other series are being encouraged to utilize a cable type seal as well, to reduce the possibility of circumventing the old paint method, and to keep the engines cleaner overall.  Any questions about the seals or fasteners can be directed to Series Tech Director Rick Jump via email at

PS…a reminder that ALL classes will require CIK bodywork, including plastic rear bumpers and front push-back bumpers.  Tell your Briggs friends that are new, so there are no surprises on Raceday!