Due to an absence of any pre-entries for the Kidkart class this weekend, the class has been cancelled for 2018. Several parents inquired about the class, but were waiting to see if anyone else entered. Unfortunately there is not enough racer interest to continue to offer the class. Please pass on to your KK friends so no one shows up at the track and is disappointed. A new timeline, reflecting the change, will be published Sunday.

For preEntry pickup at the track, we must have your transponder number. At every event, there are entrants using their own transponders that fail to enter them in the online form. If you are one of those, please bring them with you to pickup your packet, or you will not receive it. Its not up to scoring or registration personnel to chase you down for that info.

The pit gate is tightly controlled at Road America, and will only be open during the hours listed on the timeline. Please familiarize yourself with them.

Thanks, and we will see you this weekend!