The first event for the 2017 season for the Route 66 Sprint Series is this weekend at the New Castle Motorsports Park.  The Event Timeline can be found to the upper left, just click on the Event Timeline.  We are expecting a very large turnout as we already have 155 entries.  Don’t forget that NCMP handles the Event Parking & Friday’s Practice.  Event Pit Passes are $35.00 this season.  Event Passes are for sale Thursday, Friday & Saturday.  One day passes can be purchased on Saturday or Sunday and are $20.00 per day.  Friday’s Practice is $40.00.  Kids under 5 are $10.00 for the event.

If anyone has questions on the new Push-Back Bumper Rule, please stop by the Series Trailer on Friday afternoon and Rick, Mark, Steve & Tony will be more than glad to answer any questions.  Please note that there will be a revision to the updated Push-Back Bumper Rule date April 11, 2017.  The biggest complaint was that you had to take the bumper off and on way to many times.  We heard you and we are addressing the issue.  Watch for the update in the morning.