Registration is now open for Round #2 of 2022 Route 66 Sprint Series!  Mill-Rite Raceway, home of the Badger Kart Club in Dousman, WI, is host to our next stop on the tour.

We are excited to announce that, in support of its regional feeder series, the United States Pro Kart Series (USPKS) has opted to sponsor some add-ons for this event!  As part of that support, the popular Kart Chaser online video broadcast will be live streaming all the racing action from Dousman, as well as previewing the event as part of their regular media channels.  In addition, Route 66 will be working with Series sponsor Louisiana Grills to give away one of its popular Pit Boss 2 Burner Griddle for every 40 entries received at this event, via a random draw at the track.  USPKS has also kicked in some $$ to juice up the free racer cookout on Saturday night.  BKC is one of our longest running series tracks and Route 66 wanted to do some special things to thank them for their years of support.

All the regular event details are on the registration page at (or via the REGISTER link in the upper corner of this page), but general reminders for this event is that reserved pit space can be obtained by emailing Geo at

The Kidkart class was re-introduced for 2022 in another effort to get it started again in this region.  Round 1 at NCMP only had a couple entries, but the weather was miserable (shout out to all 160+ of you who braved it!), so that may have been a factor.  That said, we need some pre-entries for Kidkart to continue.  The rest of the classes are well supported and deserve maximum track time, and KK needs a minimum number of entries to ensure they stay in the program.  If we don’t have enough entries to keep it going by the week before the event, it will be dropped from the program and any entry fees refunded.  We hate to string anyone along on this, but we want to give the Kidkarters a chance.  There is only one traveling series in the country right now that is getting any kind of turnout for KK, and its not been great there either, so here is your chance to tell the world that you are willing to support a Series.

Pre-registration for the event closes at Midnight on Sunday June 12th.  See you there!