The 2020 racing season certainly was one for the books.  Despite all the ups and downs, the Route 66 Sprint Series, presented by Franklin Motorsports and MG Tires, was able to complete four full race weekends.  Hundreds of racers competed in the Series in 2020, but when the dust settled, only 11 were lucky enough to be crowned “Champion”.  Way back in November, we honored the champions, and all the top finishers on this page, but we were still uncertain how we were going to end up with the prize haul for 2020.  The prizes have all been tallied, and all the drivers that qualified for year end awards, will receive a prize.

Class champions all are receiving an engine, for their respective classes.  All the IAME class winners will be able to pick their engines up from Franklin Motorsports in New Berlin.  Class champions in the Briggs classes will have their new Briggs 206 engine shipped directly to them.

Runner up drivers will be receiving a set of MG tires at the first event of 2021.  Third place finishers will receive a $200 gift certificate to series title sponsor Franklin Motorsports.  Fourth place finishers will receive a $100 gift certificate to FMS, and any qualifying Fifth place finishers will receive $50 to FMS.

While the pandemic certainly tested the wills (and finances) of both the Series and the racers, the Series felt that it was important to make sure everyone who would normally have received some type of prize at the banquet, receive something for their efforts, although we all know that you were there for the racing, and not the prizes!

With 2020 completely closed out now, we are optimistic that we are on our way to a more predictable and FUN 2021 season, for all!