With the book firmly closed on the 2018 season, officials of the Route 66 Sprint Series, presented by MG Tires, IAME USA East, and Franklin Motorsports, turned their attention to finalizing the details of the 2019 program. The official release of the 2019 Route 66 schedule took place at the December Series banquet, so the only thing left was to finalize the class structure.

There are two major changes in the class structure for 2019. The first being the elimination of the Yamaha Cadet class. Yamaha Cadet has seen dwindling participation for some time, with many competitors aging out of the class, and new ones opting for the IAME Micro Swift class instead. Yamaha Junior and Senior both had solid participation in 2018 and will be featured in the 2019 program again.

The second major change for 2019 is the re-introduction of the Comer Kidkart class. The kidkart class was dropped previously during an attempt to move them to the IAME Bambino engine. However, that engine was just not ready for the market yet, and suffered some setbacks. Meanwhile, regional participation is still good for the Comer kidkart, and folks have been asking for it, so therefore it is being included in the 2019 lineup.

The final change is of smaller magnitude. The X30 Jr class will now share a time slot with the X30 Sr class. Still run and scored separately, but on track together. The X30 Jr class will also buck the national trend and stay on the MG Yellow tires. With the KA100 Jr and Yamaha Jr classes already running the harder MG Red tires, the X30 Jr is the only option for Juniors to get the full sticky-tire experience.

The Route 66 series is committed to good fields with good racing. In that spirit, if a class cannot muster 5 entries by the second event, it will be subject to cancellation for the season.

2019 Route 66 Sprint Series Class Lineup
Comer Kidkart
Micro Swift
Mini Swift
Yamaha Jr.
KA100 Jr.
X30 Jr.
Yamaha Sr.
KA100 Sr.
X30 Sr.

The updated 2019 Rules and Regulations will be posted to the Series website, www.route66kartracing.com, soon.