The Route 66 Sprint Series presented by MG Tires and Franklin Motorsports officially released its 2018 class lineup at this past weekend’s Champion’s Banquet.  While much of the program remains unchanged from its successful 2017 lineup, there are some notable changes, the biggest of which is the addition of the KA100 class, which has been surging in popularity since its US introduction in 2017.  The popularity of the Yamaha Rookie class has also been waning, so it has been removed and the minimum age for Yamaha Cadet lowered to accommodate 7 year olds.  Also worth noting is the end of an era, as the declining Comer kidkart package has been fully replaced by the IAME Bambino kidkart for 2018.


2018 Class Lineup

IAME Bambino Kidkart (Ages 5-7)
IAME Micro Swift (Ages 7-10)
IAME Mini Swift (Ages 8-12)
Yamaha Cadet (Ages 7-12)
Yamaha Junior (Ages 12-15) IAME X30 Junior (Ages 12-15)
Yamaha Senior (Ages 15+)
IAME KA100 Junior (Ages 12-15) Runs with KA Sr.
IAME KA100 Senior (Ages 15+) Runs with KA Jr.
IAME X30 Senior (Ages 15+)


Series officials have determined that 9 race groups is the optimal number of classes, so the class mix was chosen to fit in that time frame. KA100 Jr & Sr are new to the Route 66 structure, so for now, they will run together, while being scored separately. The Yamaha classes continue to have strong support regionally, with the Senior class boasting some of the biggest fields in the country, and as long as this continues, they will be a part of the Route 66 class lineup.

The 2018 Edition of the Tech Manual is currently being finalized and will be available for download soon. We will no longer be distributing the books in printed form, as today’s technology has made access to an online version simple and inexpensive, thus eliminating the need for wasted paper copies.

Within the next couple days, the Series website will go live with the Season PreEntry package. As previously announced, there will be 6 events in 2018, and a generous incentive package to encourage season registration will be available.