As part of its continuous improvement process, the Route 66 Sprint Series, presented by MG Tires and Franklin Motorsports, constantly reviews the rules package, and makes adjustments based on the best practices, and racer feedback.  To that end, a number of Tech Updates have been issued, effective immediately.  Below, is a summary of those changes.  For the full, official text, please visit the series website.

201.19 Side Pods and Nerf Bars:  …Side pods are no longer allowed to extend beyond the rear tires….

201.26 Kart Dimensions:  … Rear Bumper can no longer extend beyond the rear tires….

202.2 Rain Tires: …Limit on quantity of rain tires is removed, as is the requirement to scan them in….

202.2 Oil:  Only acceptable oil mixing ratio is now 8oz per gallon of Xeramic Castor Evolution 2T per gallon of VP MS 98 Fuel, for a total of 136oz. after mixing.

302.26 Exiting the Race Track: ….Driving recklessly or intentionally damaging another driver’s kart after the checkered flag is Unsportsmanlike Conduct, and grounds for ejection from the event….

These are only summaries of the rule changes.  Please read the full text on the Series website.