Officials with the United States Pro Kart Series, presented by MG Tires and IAME USA East, and the Route 66 Sprint Series, presented by MG Tires and Franklin Motorsports, are pleased to announce a new spec 2 cycle oil.

Effective January 1, 2020, the Official Spec 2 Cycle Oil will be Xeramic Castor Evolution 2T Kart Racing Oil.  According to the manufacturer, “XERAMIC® CASTOR EVOLUTION 2T KART RACING OIL is an advanced kart racing oil for optimal lubrication of all 2-stroke air- or water-cooled kart engines. This unique product has been specifically designed for racing applications where high revolutions, high loads and high temperatures prevail. The carefully selected synthetic base stocks fortified with high performance additives and castor oil ensure optimal lubrication under the most extreme circumstances encountered in kart racing. Suitable for use at all fuel/oil ratios, recommended by the engine manufacturer. PM Xeramic® Castor Evolution 2T Kart Racing Oil has been developed in co-operation with leading engine manufacturers and world famous engine tuners, and is CIK Homologated.”

Franklin Motorsports and Comet Kart Sales are anticipating having full stock on hand, and available for purchase, by January 1.

The official text of the updated rule appears below.  This rule will apply to all 2 cycle classes in both USPKS and Route 66.

202.5 Oil:

Xeramic Castor Evolution 2T Kart Racing Oil is the spec oil: Must use 6 – 8 oz. of oil per 128 oz.

(1 gallon) of VP Racing Fuel C12 for a total of 134 – 136 oz. after mixing.

Any questions on this, or any other Tech related items should be directed to USPKS Tech Director Rick Jump at