The Route 66 Sprint Series is in the process of updating the 2022 Competition Rules & Regulations to reflect an adjustment to the pre-event practice ban.  Previously, practice at a track on the Monday thru Thursday prior to a Route 66 event was not allowed.  Due to the exceptionally high price of vehicle fuel, that pre-event ban is being modified to just Monday thru Wednesday.  It will be up to the host track to determine if they wish to offer practice session on Thursday, but there will be no rule preventing Route 66 competitors from participating if they do.  Hopefully, this will save drivers from feeling the need to make an extra road trip for practice purposes.

Also, for 2022, all classes will be capped at 40 entries.  This is a hard cap and will not be expanded.  The Series feels that 40 is the maximum that can be officiated well.  If you plan to run for points in 2022, don’t wait until the last minute to enter, as you may be shut out.

If you are someone who typically rents a transponder from the Series, please be aware that we are upgrading our rental transponder fleet to the newer body style, that requires a different mounting bracket.

And lastly, just a reminder that once a number is registered in a class, you have that number saved for the season by default.  There are no “number reservation events” in Route 66, just a first-register system.

Thanks, and we’ll see you all in New Castle on April 8th or 9th!